10 months old

10 months laying down

i just can’t believe it.

it’s going too fast.

and she’s moving too fast!

sitting 10 months 10 months sophia 10 months trying to climb thinking about walking standing girl 10 months2

Sophia at 10 months:


    • is walking!! ok. slight exaggeration, but for a while now she’s been taking 1 step and falling. but just today, she took 4 steps in a row!
    • sings along with momma when mamma is humming or singing.
    • says: mamma, dadda, dog, bye…and a bunch of long sentences we have yet to make out. she’s a talker!
    • but is shy at church or in front of people
    • signs “all done!” and claps
    • does an awesome booty dance when daddy sings (or when she hears music she likes)
    • loves all kinds of food-that momma is eating! none of that pureed stuff. nope, we want real grown up food.
    • cried when i put bubbles in her bath. she was terrified. since then she’s come to tolerate them (we used some vapor bath bubbles to help with stuffy nose!)
    • has 5+ teeth (1 is just barely poking through)
    • is busy busy busy. as you can tell, from the photoshoot… she wouldn’t sit still! she is a 10 month old after all. a ten month old who is figuring out how to walk!
    • wears 12 month size
    • “pets”(kind of a hit…not going to lie) puppycakes. and thinks it’s hilarious to share her food with him. (he has learned how to beg, after 5 years of not! doh)
    • has a bit of rebel side and tries to push the limits. is learning “no” but has to test it every day. “that’s a no sophia! no touching the dog food. no touching the electrical socket. no eating the dog food!” 
    • is a little dare devil too. likes being pushed in the cardboard box!

The box is SO.MUCH.FUN. #crackingupeverytime #cantstopwontstop @jtholderman

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Sophia Grace is just the sweetest little girl and i’m so blessed to get to be her momma.

standing smile from above up close  

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xoxo-kimberly renee

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