10 things

1.is it crazy to anyone else that yesterday was 60 degrees here? um, hello spring! i mean-February!

2. btw, happy February! i’m so thankful that January is DONE. Husbuddy has been super sick this past month and it’s totally made the dark days that much longer. He is getting over his second sinus infection of the month and still isn’t better and his doctor just said, “well, ya just gotta tough it out.” ha. tough doc! but, somedays i just cry at the end of a tough day and that’s all i get too… just keep going… “just keep swimming”… tough it out for today, tomorrow will be better…there’s hope for something better than where we are at this moment. { i could do a whole post on that point…maybe another day}

3. two weeks ago, boss lady declared that she had signed the office(of 3 people) up for a 5K. eek! (did i mention that i’ve never really ran anything before? well, at least nothing substantial… running the 4×1 in track in high school – & coming in last every single time-hardly counts!) oh ya, then she said, “oh by the way, it’s in three weeks”. (ps- that was two weeks ago. 1 week to go!)

4. The last two weeks January was busy because i was running. a lot.  {the goal is to NOT end up sitting on the side of the race, crying in pain while watching my boss run by laughing at me…just being honest here.}

ok- that #4. doesn’t really count- it’s kind of a continuation of #3! so the REAL #4. This little guy has been a high light this month- this picture just cracks me up. don’t you just love his hat?  i’m in love 🙂

5. i got my hair cut last week. i was told that because i have too much breakage in my hair (!?) i had to get bangs. breakage? what do i do wrong? and bangs? you mean, i actually have to blow dry/style my hair/bangs before i leave in the morning?  impossible. needless to say… the bangs have impeded my running. they’re just in the way, people! so i have to pull them back anyway. not sure how i feel about them yet.

6.there’s been a bunch thinking and dreaming this month. trying to make some big decisions and take steps toward small dreams. sometimes it feels like i have all these ideas in my head, but they don’t happen unless i can get them out, write them down. so i now have a “design and idea book” to be carried with me everywhere. it is to be used for dreams, notes, and inspiration only! not for negative thoughts or ugliness 🙂 (do you guys have an idea book? one that you keep by your bed and in your purse so that when that moment of inspiration hits, you can write it down?! 🙂

7. i’m dreaming up some new art. 🙂 need to actually get pen to paper and DO it. anyone else been doing something creative lately?

8. our apartment really needs to be cleaned. top to bottom, all the way through and through! i’m just saying, with husbuddy sick and me running like a mad fool, it’s a mess. anyone have any good cleaning tips when it all just seems too overwhelming?

9. Husbuddy just found out that he needs to change his diet. we are now a gluten free+dairy free family. OH MAN. i can’t believe it. pray for me because i love bread  us, friends. this is going to be tough, but i’m totally game if it means Husbuddy is healthy! it’s going to be an adventure!

10. God is good. Through all of the craziness that January was, HE was good. In all of the adventures Febuary will bring, HE will be good. That’s all that matters. MUST remember and focus on and be CONTENT in that. amen. so be it.

so, anyone want to go for a run with me?

xo-kimberly renee

ps. random last picture- more to come on that! 😉

pss- i must admit, i AM actually enjoying running. i know- crazy, right? it’s been challenging and good. i kind of just wondered if i could even do it! it’s been fun to slowly get better. first mile was hard. the next one was tough. but it’s slowly getting easier. i’m excited to see if i can actually do it next Saturday! i’ll let you know how it goes! 

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  1. Sharon Estes February 3, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    LOVE!!! That pic of O is hilarious. And you didn’t mention how it was taken during a bedtime run to Lowe’s–hence the sleeper/hat combo. He was such a trooper and it was really, really manic and fun! Thanks, dear friend!!! 🙂


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    […] when he was finishing the antibiotics he got weird sores on the back of his throat. that’s when he went to the doctor and was told to “suck it up” like I told you in this post. […]

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