10 weeks and counting {day 19 + baby bump!}

this is my reading list at the moment:

day 19

actually i forgot to include a huge pile of baby books. but let’s be honest, i’ve been a little overwhelmed with the baby stuff so i’ve been avoiding the books like the plague… doh. anyhoo…

you see my favorite study bible and journal. there’s also a book that Husbuddy and i started reading together this week. we like to do that every once in a while. pick up a book(it’s not always about marriage!!) and then each read a chapter or two (separately! we’re not good at doing it together) and then 1 day a week we go out for coffee (or make fancy hot chocolate at home) and talk about the chapter we just read. (whew, longest sentence ever with all the parenthesis! lol) since we only just started reading it, i can’t give too much of a review, but feel free to ask in a couple weeks! we are big fans of Driscoll though and we are always checking out new marriage books because we believe it’s SO important to keep working on our relationship. it’s been 7 years of doing this little ritual and i pray that we’ll still be doing it in 50 years!

the top book  on the pile is also new this week.  i picked up the Beth Moore book, Whispers of Hope,  it’s a 10 week study/practice of prayer.  it kind of stuck out to me at Barnes and Noble as i was searching for my sister’s Christmas present. 10 weeks of devotional prayer? that would be good for me! then i realized why “10 weeks” stuck out to me… i have 10 weeks until baby girl arrives! ah!

10 weeks of prayer.

70 days of practicing prayer before life gets turned upside down.

it’d be SO good for me. so i went with it. so far i’ve been convicted that i really DO desire a deeper prayer life and i know that baby girl won’t make it any easier. i’m hoping that these 70 days will be full of practicing prayer to 1. hold me over in the new phase of life, 2. help prepare my heart for being a mama, and 3. help me to keep praying when life looks different.

speaking of 10 weeks left… i owe you guys a baby bump update! it seems like we skip taking photos every couple of weeks for whatever random reason but here are the latest 3 photos!


i feel HUGE. some days i look down and wonder how much bigger i could really get in the next 10 weeks. oh boy oh boy!

10 weeks will go by fast, right? i mean, could i really get THAT much bigger?

and really, i can’t take too much longer of Husbuddy calling me “humpty-dumpty”!! ha.

{ps, i am going to need a maternity winter a jacket because i can’t get any of my jackets to zip over the belly any more…anyone have an old one i can have?! or anyone want to donate to the cause of keeping the belly warm? hee hee. here’s to hoping the warm weather lasts a little longer! }

{pss: Husbuddy only calls me that when i’m in a really good mood and avoids calling me that when my emotions are out of control…which is like- all the time. so, don’t worry, i know he’s joking and he really has only called me that a couple times… no need to go yelling at him or anything. lol.}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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