10 years

dear Husbuddy,

10 years. how has it been 10 years?! we were so young and naive! we were babies! we had no idea what we were doing with life, with finances, with jobs and vocations and goals and planning… BUT i wouldn’t have it any other way then growing up with my best friend.

the Lord has blessed us love. looking back we can see his hand guiding us each year. 

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong for the Lord upholds his hand.”

Psalm 37:23-24

i tried to find a few pictures for each year. i also just wanted to list where we’ve been in each of those years. it gets long: 9+ jobs, 7 locations, 5 states, 5 different degrees, 1 new puppy, 1.5 babies…  10 years is  a long time!

so here goes…


get married, go on honeymoon, move in together in Spokane WA. husbuddy finishes his college degree while i work in architecture.

DSC_0241(copy 1)(rev 0)

the happiest day of my life. SnowshoeingChristmas 064  that time we got each other the same xmas gift for our first christmas. tee hee.


move to Moscow ID  to finish my 4th year of architecture school while Husbuddy learns he doesn’t just want “any old job” as a property manager. 

IMG_0387 glacier!

moscow sunset living in Moscow!


move to Boise ID for my masters program, a internship, and for you to be a youth pastor.

Mt. Kit Carson 095  hiking and backpacking adventures

Christmas in Hawaii 2008 347

Christmas in Hawaii 2008 470 trips and exploring, including Hawaii


moving to Princeton NJ for Husbuddy’s masters program and getting a puppy! which was a bigger life change?


so many adventures,

New Hope PA 044 moving to the east coast. what? we did not expect to be here long, did we? bawhaha. God had other plans


enjoying living in Princeton NJ, i worked at an awesome architecture firm while Husbuddy worked on his masters degree. 

anniversary4 MTB Mercer Park 018 oh how i love adventures with you. even mountain biking with you!  IMG_0003  and i love that{even though you hate it}, you’ll still dress up with me for halloween. {well, maybe not anymore. you loved me more back then. lol}


living, working and studying in Princeton NJ. also figuring out Husbuddy’s health, he was really sick for part of this year and we finally figured out he can’t do gluten or dairy! whew. lifestyle change!

us exploring NYC and the rest of the mid-atlantic. (thinking we weren’t going to be in the area that much longer)

cute face jersey shore!



move to Gloucester MA for Husbuddy’s THM degree studies while i get to experience another architecture firm. best apartment ever. we could walk to two different beaches!

JT+me at med date nights with friends  cannon mnt2 hiking and exploring the north east.  Photo Aug 23, 12 25 33 PM martha’s vineyard!


Husbuddy graduates, we move to Lancaster PA and he starts his big boy pastoral position. i get pregnant. 

in front of castle

IMG_2611_in front of mountains starting our new adventure of “real life” as we finally finished all of our schooling!   photo shoot on stairs_sm sold house compile

we bought our first house!


we had our baby girl! not sure what else happened that year… we were kinda busy. 

birthday family having (and surviving) our first baby girl! oh how life changed. oh how i loved watching you become daddy. holderman_19_WEB


baby girl growing and keeping us busy. our marriage growing and stretching. this year was one of our hardest years. but we made it through by focusing on the Lord and each other.

family photo

wedding family photo2

you grew as a pastor and i was so blessed to watch you marry my sister.

my love lots of family time!


life is flying by and we are pregnant with our second little girl! it’s so nice to be in the same place for a while! all the new adventures that await as you seek to become Sr. Pastor! 

Family on Kim's birthday you are such a good daddy to our little miss. she adores you almost as much as i do.  i’m so excited to keep watching you grow as daddy.  savannah family our first real family vacation was a total hit for all of us earlier this summer!

10 year anni Happy 10th Anniversary my love. we’ve had quite the adventure. i love sharing that adventure with you, my best friend, my partner, my love, my Husbuddy. i thank God for providing for each step of our journey.


xoxo-kimberly renee

ps: this rendering of our little family is my gift to Husbuddy. 10 years and our family is growing! 

pps: note to selves: we need to work on taking more pictures together. it got harder and harder to find ones with each other! 

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