11 moving tips {from our experiences}

so… this move counts as our 6th in our {almost} 7 years of marriage!

we’ve moved to Spokane WA, Moscow ID, Boise ID, Princeton NJ, Gloucester MA and now here. {it’s crazy, if you ask me!}

road trip

let me tell you… i’m ready to be done with this moving business!  by now, we’ve got to have a couple of tips up our sleeves, right? well, kind of. so i thought i’d share::

  1. be enthusiastic! excited! life is so much more fun that way, and the biggest trouble with moving is that it is a big pain in the you know what… so if you’re excited about it, it will just be better!
  2. be all packed and ready when the truck arrives at your house to pick up stuff! seriously…this makes a world of difference and makes the truck driver {even if you or your spouse is Driving It Yourself… he’ll be sooooo much happier} HAPPY. which means he’ll be nicer to your stuff! -i know this is killer for some of my sweet friends… but really, if there’s one time to be on time and ready, it’s moving day. 
  3. pack in an organized fashion- this took some training for Husbuddy… lol… but i think he’s finally got it down. if you pack things in an orderly fashion, wrap things in lots of paper and you label label label every.single.box … life is just easier and broken-free.  {and then when you get to the new place and you have a pile of boxes EVERYWHERE- you know where to start!}
  4. get the puppycakes- or the pet- out of the way – this was genius for the last two moves. we had someone watch him or we took him to doggy-daycare. SO worth it to not have to worry about him getting loose with all the doors open and to be able to just focus! it also helped him get out some energy because he’s been a nervous little wreck from anxiety about the new place… poor puppy.
  5. clean while you pack– this is a little easier when you have someone moving you… but it was awesome to start cleaning while boxes were being moved out since it’s so important to get that security deposit back from your rental. 😉
  6. pack essentials  in your car that you may need when you arrive: um, maybe this is a no brainer for some people… but it never really occurred to me that i might need a shower curtain when i arrive 3 days before our truck. or to have lots of certain gluten-free snacks that may be hard to find on the road…{good thing Husbuddy thought of that!} try to think through what life will be like when you get there, and pack that stuff in your car with you!
  7. leave early- no matter how early you think you’re going to leave…you’ll never get out on time. so the earlier you plan, the earlier you actually will leave…this makes everyone less grumpy… HA. not that this happened to us…
  8. be a joyful copilot! everyone is so stressed while moving. Husbuddy is SO good at being super excited and super positive while heading off on our new adventure… and i try to be that for him too. i am not as good at it as he is. 🙂 but it just makes everyone so much happier and less stressed.
  9. unpack 1 room at a time– maybe this is a no-brainer… but i’m really bad at taking everything out of the boxes, creating a HUGE mess, and then trying to figure out where it all should go… ha. this makes Husbuddy a little short of breath…. so it’s his suggestion to just focus on one room at a time, this helps to contain the mess on my part, and gives us focus as we get things checked off the list!
  10. try to be excited when you arrive– this is almost the same as #1, but AGAIN, i must confess that Husbuddy is so much better at this than i am…{what can i say, i’m half glass empty, people}  it makes such a difference to everyone’s mental state when you’re excited about the new adventure and the new place! 🙂
  11. explore together! even if you’re not all the way unpacked, take some time to explore your new area. this will help with #10… but seriously, it makes the move more of an adventure and less of a chore if you’re excited about your new place. if you take the time to hang out together and explore your new area, whether that’s checking out the nearest stores, going for a long walk, or finding the nearest movie theater… it is quality time spent together starting your new adventure 🙂

2013-05-25 10.52.02

so, see, it wasn’t all about tape guns or types of boxes you should get. moving can be stressful, so these are just some of my tips to make it a better experience 🙂

i’m excited to share with you more about our new home soon!

xo-kimberly renee


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  1. Pam Holderman May 30, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    It’s always so much better to be a happy copilot and sometimes so much easier to be the pilot. Glad you are unpacking yet again, and will be able to explore a whole new world of rolling landscapes. Can’t wait to visit!

  2. ART by IMI May 30, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

    All the best for a happy home!

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