15 months old {an update}

slide  this girl is 15 months old. what what what.

  • has such an adventurous spirit and is not afraid of anything
  • has a sense of humor and loves to make us laugh
  • sings and dances and blows kisses and gives hugs
  • somehow all of her words have turned to grunts, we don’t hear her speak words very much at the moment. she’s just taking it all in!
  • has ALL of the adults who work at church with daddy wrapped around her finger to play with her whenever she wants. haha. even Pastor Bud has been known to get down on the floor and play with her through the window to his office.
  • says “mmm” when somethings yummy, or looks yummy, like the other day when she was looking through my cookbooks. ha! i was cooking and i just keep hearing her say, “mmm” as she’s turning the pages.
  • walks with such determination. her arms are always swinging.
  • loves the “downward dog” yoga pose. i really need to start teaching her some more yoga moves! hee hee.
  • oh boy is she strong willed and stubborn. sometimes we fight about dinner because she won’t eat what i’ve made even though i know she’s starving! her tummy sometimes even rumbles. we’re in for some long hard lessons on obedience on both sides, tell ya what.
  • sometimes asks to talk on the phone by putting her hand up to her ear and says, “dada?” so we call and say hi to daddy. she misses him when he’s away! or she wants to talk when i’m talking to my mom but when i put it to her ear, she just likes to listen.
  • she is a pure delight.

i love you sweet little adventurous daughter of mine.

xoxo-kimberly renee.


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