2 bodies, 1 brain… a little story for you :)

About two months ago a friend came to me and asked me to a do a painting. This friend’s name is Lorene (in the orange/pink shirt and gorgeous silver hair). She is so dear to me because she and her husband mentored us and befriended us in Boise, ID, when we lived there. She is an example to me in so many ways, she lives for joy, she isn’t shy about her Jesus, her laugh is infectious and she loves people in such a genuine way that you feel like you’re her best friend at that moment. I’ve been so blessed by her in so many ways and I know hundreds of other people have too.

Anyway, she wanted a painting in my style for her & her dear friend Rita. I asked her to tell me more about Rita and more about their relationship so that I could feel connected to more about the person I was painting.

 So she wrote this story:

Two Bodies, One brain

We were laughing hysterically when Sean {Lorene’s son}walked into the room.  Shaking his head, we shut up just long enough to hear him tell us, “I swear I can see two bodies, but I’m fairly certain there’s only one brain between the two of you!” Looking at him and then back at each other, we started laughing again.

Even though we met in the summer of 85, it wasn’t until February of 1990, that we really got to know each other, when you and baby Tyson came to stay while Troy was on a missions trip.  The first night we put the kids to bed and stayed up talking until it was time to get my two boys off to school.

Who knew that night, some 20 years ago, would be the first of many long conversations seasoned with love, laughter, encouragement, and mutual adoration?

Dear One, we’ve been through a lot! Births and deaths; church camps and dramas; ladies retreats and youth group activities; multiple diets and indulgences; our children’s graduations and marriages; and our own dreams and disillusionments.

You were there when my younger brother was killed and I was there to meet Cody when he entered the world.  You patiently loved my two boys through their teen years and I gently helped potty train yours.

 The Lord knows we couldn’t be more different! You like fiction, I like inspirational reading; You like Pop, I like Country; You like milk chocolate, I like dark. You work off your memory, I rely on my daytimer.

 Perhaps it’s in our differences we are made complete as friends and fellow sojourners?  Whatever it is, I couldn’t be more blessed than I am today to have you back in my world.  Thank you for coming home.  I love you!

 How beautiful is that? After hearing the story I was more than inspired to paint this friendship. 🙂

Lorene told me what she wanted the title to be, and she wanted me to match the outfits they were wearing.  She asked me to include some friendship words as well as the fairy tatoo that Rita recently got. 😉 SO much Fun! I love how whimsical this painting is!

These two women look so happy together 🙂 hee hee. Cute! This painting is a Christmas present for Rita. What a cool surprise for her! I hope she likes it 🙂

What a special, one of a kind, painting for a friend. I feel so blessed to be a little part of it. 🙂

If you want a little bit of this painting,  there’s a card in my etsy shop, featuring Lorene & Rita 🙂

Dear friend, you’re the best!

 I hope this little story and adventure of mine made you smile!

xoxo,Kimberly Renee

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  1. itsahappyblog December 10, 2010 at 4:43 am #

    I’ve been following you since your recent feature on WP. This is beautiful and I am sure they will both love it! The card is lovely as well and would always remind me of that special bond I share with one particular friend. I may just have to get it for her and remind her how dear she is to my heart. Thanks for the story.

  2. Jenna December 10, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Love it! The story of 2 beautiful friends, the painting you did–it definitely made me smile.

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