3 different ways to edit a photo

here is the original photo… taken on a walk around the block::

here is the 1st edit::

the 2nd edit::

the 3rd edit::

i like them all for different reasons…

i like the softer light of the 1st edit. i like the depth of the original shot so it’s nice to keep the crop that big.

i like the crop of the 2nd, where you can still see husbuddy’s hand holding the leash and i like how he takes up the whole vertical space on the right side of the photo.

i like the crop of the 3rd because it focuses in on little sammie-cakes looking back and wondering if i’m coming with them. he looks a little like he’s worried that i’m not 🙂

i love playing with my camera… getting an every day shot and then playing with the way to process it. now that i’ve had a little time off after my 40 days of pictures i’m getting back into playing with the ol’ camera again. whoo hoo! here’s to a summer full of pretty pictures!

have you played with your camera recently?  if not, you might want to think about it… it’s fun!

xo-kimberly renee

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