i ♥ my husband!!

Yesterday he did the cutest thing.  He invited me to go with him on a coffee date. And that’s cute and all, but he does that all the time… 🙂 Little did I know he had a piece of paper and a pen in his pocket. Then he pulled it out and said, ok. What are 10 things that we should do in 2010? 10 goals or places to visit or things we should accomplish.  I was floored by his leadership and I really respected his heart in trying to work on our lives together!

 Happy 2010 BTW! 🙂

 I won’t tell you all of the 10 things that we decided to do in 2010. But a few of them may or may not be: visiting Boston in the fall (or spring or whenever), going backpacking on the east coast somewhere, reading some books together and buying bikes so we can go on bike rides together! 🙂

 I’m SO excited for what this year is going to bring. A couple of my own resolutions were, you know, the normal lose weight, workout, read my bible and pray every day. It’s so hard to keep all of those for some reason… ha. I really want to try though. But I’m so excited that besides my own silly goals, we have goals together that will be easier to keep since there are two of us in this together! and they’re all super fun! 🙂 hee hee.

I love you Jonathan! And I’m SO excited to spend this new year with YOU! 🙂  

so enough about me, all my issues, and all my desires, bla bla bla…

what about you? What are some of your resolutions? or maybe you and one of your friends/significant other could make a list too! Let’s start this new year off together in love with hope for what the Lord is going to do this year!

And i leave you with one of my favorite verses! click there to see it 🙂 Let it encourage you for the upcoming year!

xoxo! God bless you. 

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