10 things

10 little thoughts about the past couple of days::

  1. my first test is done! it was a little  ok a lot scary. mostly just the first 15 minutes… when i arrived at the testing site i had to put my stuff in a locker. i asked if i could bring in water. the guy looked  at me like i was crazy! nope. can’t bring anything in with you to take the test. well, apparently i’m a dumbo because i had chapstick and two kleenex in my pocket. when it was my turn to sign in, the lady made me turn out my pockets. oh boy, did i get a look…”mam, you’re not allowed to take ANYTHING in with you.” not even chapstick? i lick my lips when i’m nervous! ha. nope. i’m the dummy. so then she had to wait for me to go back to my locker to put the chapstick away. haha, as if i wasn’t nervous already. then… guess what she did. patted me down and scanned me with a metal detector. seriously?! i mean, seriously? am i going through TSA security to be able to take this test? then the test part happened. i’d rather not talk about that part.
  2. well… i guess i kinda do want to talk about it… i mean, just to complain a little. but i’d say that i’ve got a 59.99998% chance of passing. not because i didn’t study. nope, i’ll tell you, i stuuuuu-died. nope, just because the writers of the silly little architectural test decided that it was more important to test my skills at knowing random little facts that weren’t even in the study guide. anywhere. {i checked} so… be warned. apparently if you’re going to become an architect… you have to know everything
  3. to be an architect :: just know everything in the world.  how hard can that be?
  4. in other news, we took Puppycakes to the beach this past week. he LOVED it. he thought he was in heaven! his only complaint was that we didn’t trust him off the leash yet.
  5. we figured out why there are no dog parks on the whole of Cape Ann:: as of Sept.15 dogs are allowed on the beach. we came to the beach in the afternoon because we were so excited to let Puppycakes run around, but it turns out, so did the rest of Gloucester! beach=dog park in the winter. 
  6. daddy dearest, you would be proud, we’re making tamales. from scratch! i’ll let you know how it turns out… so far i’ve started cooking the pork and i’ve soaked the corn husks that we ordered on Amazon from Mexico… apparently people in this lovely city don’t make their own tamales because dried corn husks were no where to be found at the grocery. Husbuddy actually got laughed at last weekend at Market Basket for asking for dried corn husks… laughed at. how rude can people be? seriously? haven’t you ever heard of making something from scratch? the guy at M.B. suggested we buy some corn on the cob and dry it ourselves… then walked away laughing to himself. well, at least he found it hilarious. we did not. and since Husbuddy’s allergies include eating too much corn, we decided to go home and just buy it online. like any civilized person in this generation would do. yup. we’re the reason small businesses are loosing business because we’re buying stuff online. but seriously, just have some dried corn husks in your aisle and you wouldn’t be loosing our business.  {to be fair, market basket is a rather big establishment so i’m not worried about them}
  7. apple-pear pie was made this afternoon. i guess that means it’s fall. oh summer, i miss you already! i made pie to try to get in the mood for fall. and to use the apples. {and because Husbuddy has been begging for weeks… he’s been in the fall mood since August.} i’m trying to make myself be happy about the cooler weather…
  8. in even other news:: we have an attack squirrel. i’m so not even joking. Husbuddy is still shaken up about it. he literally jumped over to Puppycakes this afternoon and tried to attack him. Husbuddy picked up Puppycakes and ran back our doorway to tell me about it. while i was looking at him like he was a little crazy… the squirrel bounded over and tried to go at Puppycakes again! Husbuddy screamed and i opened the door quickly to let them in. Then… the squirrel started scratching at our door! trying to get in! eek. now it’s sitting outside on guard… just waiting for us to come out. is it insane that visions of giant-squirrel-like-monsters are in my head?! well i’m pretty sure that’s what this little thing is going to become the minute we step outside.
  9. dear world, i won’t be exiting out that door any time soon. maybe we’ll have to have more food delivered to us. 
  10. i can’t believe i have 6 more tests to take. {back to the books!}

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0 Responses to 10 things

  1. Jim L. September 22, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

    Awesome! Only 6 more!

  2. The Traveling Pancakes September 28, 2012 at 7:10 am #

    So glad you are done with your first test! Way to go! Now you know what to expect for the next …6 tests! Ack!

    • Kimberly Renee September 28, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

      thanks friend! 🙂 i haven’t even thought about the next 6 tests yet…

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