7 favorites from our Colorado visit

7 things

  1. family together for Christmas. gotta love Christmas dinner pictures!
  2. seeing my beautiful mountain again. even covered in snow for a white Christmas!
  3. best of friends. i love how we can pick up right where we left off, even if it’s been years!
  4. these two silly billies. i love them to death. and can’t believe i’m related to a sister who’s so beautiful and a brother who’s so weird…
  5. grandpa got a new gadget for xmas- a kindle- so he can play angry birds. hahah.
  6. meeting the sister’s boyfriend. hee hee they are cute. i guess he’s alright. 😉
  7. watching Husbuddy play ping pong with the family…and get beat by my lil’ sis. ha.

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