8 months old {already?!}

8 months wiggle 8 months sitting

basically i’m in denial that time is passing so quickly.

crawling a little blur 8 months

at 8 months Sophia:

  • crawls (eek!)
  • has her top two teeth coming in (popped through the day before her 8 months!)
  • pulls herself up to standing as much as she can
  • loves to jump in her jumper
  • talks and tells stories in sentences
  • splashes in the bath tub…momma gets just about as wet as she does!
  • in public laughs and tries to get anyone to pay attention to her! ha!
  • has such a sweet smile even if she wasn’t willing to give it as much for these photos…

8 months smile 8 months climbing   8 months standing

as you can tell, she was MOVING all around while i was trying to get these pictures. {and yes… i did catch her a put her down on the floor before she fell! ha}

i didn’t have the patience to take too many more than this because we’re all jet lagged from our trip to Seattle.{doesn’t she look so tired in a bunch of these?} i’ll just have to live with some blurry photos because, well, that’s life! ha.  8 months doll so done with this photoshoot and this is where she announced in her own special way that the photoshoot was done. haha. “see ya!”

nope, she’s not opinionated at all. love you sweet baby girl.

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xoxo-kimberly renee


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