the desires of our heart

  “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

– Psalm 37:4


i’ve always loved this verse. until recently i’ve used it in my own life to give me reassurance that God will provide what i need AND want in His own way…because HE put that want in my heart to begin with. ha, i remember using this verse, in my prayers no less, when i was in college and praying for my future husband. i would tell God that this desire in my heart for a godly man was only there because He put it there, so i would make some lofty promise about delighting in Him because He had his end of the bargain to hold up. ha. oh silly me. that’s kind of embarrassing to admit. 

but the other day, Beth Moore opened my eyes to so much more. she said, concerning this verse:

 “until we learn to delight ourselves in the Lord, we cannot trust the desires of our hearts” –Beth Moore, Whispers of Hope {emphasis mine!}

it made me realize, that God should be our one and true delight. ALWAYS. everything else really DOES pale in comparison. so when i’m yearning after other things, i am not yearning after God. those “other things” really turn into an idol in my life because i’m saying that what i want is more important than delighting in God, who is really, truly, the ONLY one that can fill my needs and wants.

He also then, directs my heart to want the things He wants. if my delight is in Him, the desires of my heart will be radically different then if my delight is anywhere else.

just a few of my thoughts for today. do you have any thoughts about this verse to share? i’d love to hear! thanks, friends!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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