it’s been a busy weekend all ready!
1. We went mountain biking yesterday:

it was such a cool place! it had lots of hills, boardwalks and little rivers… 🙂

he was in his element 🙂

(just don’t mind how sweaty i look… i mean. i’m seriously a sweat-er…yuck! the jersey humidity and a helmet makes it worse. just notice how cute the handsome man is 😉

2. we had a Date night and went and saw “Date Night” the movie. It was pretty funny. Mostly because we were the only ones in the whole theater!

3. i made the most yummy scones today! They are from PioneerWoman’s blog. They are “petite vanilla bean scones” mine are not as petite as I thought they were… oops. 🙂

4. Got the puppy a new leash that we can put in the ground so he can wander around outside while we play. He looks happy here, but he really wasn’t very sure about it… 5. Played us some frisbee 🙂

he looks pretty cute huh? i mean. rugged handsome if you’re reading this hunny!! hee hee.

6. Learned about Picnik.com. Pretty cool photo editing program for free! :)as you can see from a couple of my pics… 😉

7. Got some cleaning in and even have convinced the husbuddy that he likes to clean the kitchen… hee heee 😉 love it!

8. Planning on playing some Settlers tonight with some friends. 🙂 whoop! gonna beat y’all. just so you know 😉

O such a fun weekend! How has yours been?!

xoxo. kim

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