pumpkin patch


we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends this weekend. it was a chilly, muddy, wet, drizzly day but we still had lots of fun! and we got cider donuts, so really, what more could we ask for? ha. enjoy some pictures of Sophia’s first trip to pick out a pumpkin!


you can tell she’s really fascinated.

pumpkin-patch-family    JT-with-pumpkin sophia-w-pumpkin2    family-at-pumpkinpatch2


getting to know new friends is the best. we had a lovely afternoon together! and Paige is gorgeous. just saying. hee hee. and Parker and Sophia are adorable. but seriously, i had no idea i was so much taller than Paige! i’ve got to be standing on a hill or something… and note to self, next time we plan to take photos at a pumpkin patch, put on some makeup. geez. bawhaha.


my little pumpkin with her first pumpkin. ha. can’t wait for her to feel the slimy insides when we carve it! t’s officially fall, folks! we’ve got our pumpkins. lol

anyone else go picking this weekend?

xoxox-kimberly renee

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