lent continues

this daily lent ritual continues. but fear not. it’s almost holy week!

  • day 28– roasted veggies are amazing. i take for granted how much we cook because i was talking to someone just a day or two earlier who didn’t even know how to roast veggies! what?! in this day and age, how is that possible? oh, well in lancaster county it’s possible.  this sweet and sour chicken recipe is delish too. and gluten free!
  • day 29– grandparents arrived for a weekend visit!
  • day 30– cuddles with a sweet uncle are just about the cutest thing
  • day 31 –the mr. got his cello out to play for a few minutes. that sound is heavenly and i’m thankful for it!
  • day 32 –a walk in the “park” /greenhouse at longwood gardens is divine when it’s freezing/snowing out!
  • day 33- phases. oh it’s sometimes annoying that she keeps taking her shoes off, but it’s just a phase and i will look back at how cute it was that she ran around with her shoes undone or carrying one
  • day 34- the boys built a couple garden beds so we spent the day filling them with dirt! and sophie got covered in it all and liked to bring me chunks of dirt to inspect. we are so excited to start growing more things in our own garden this year.

lent day 28 lent day 29 lent day 30 lent day 31 lent day 32 lent day 33 lent day 34

xoxo-kimberly renee

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