a baby fix {in pictures}

See, I’m lucky.

Three of my friends from this neighborhood have had babies in the last 7 months! So, I can get my baby fix any time I want, I just go over to their house, hold their baby for a few minutes, coo and giggle and adore… and then, when i feel something gurgling,  i get to hand the little stinker back to momma to get his diaper changed!

yes, I’ve got it good. 🙂 {at least for now!}

so I thought I’d share my latest baby fix with you. We took sweet little Isaac to the pool earlier this week. I got a few pictures before I jumped into the water too.

the little guy wasn’t too sure about the water. no amount of explaining to him that he had his swim trunks on, so there was no need to worry, calmed his fears. mostly though, i think the water was just too cold for his little toes.

i can hear you and your “awwwwees”

he’s just too cute. i keep telling momma that i am free to babysit any time… i think she’s afraid i might ooo and coo at him and squeeze him too much… i don’t know why she would think that. i mean, i try really hard to have a grown up conversation around him.  i promise.

amazed by the water? or just a yawn? Isaac, little man, you are just too precious.

alright. baby fix! now i’m off to sleep for 8+ hours straight 🙂 hee hee.


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  1. Jenna Pannkuk September 12, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

    Wow that baby is super good lookin’! 😉

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