a bbq and bow tie baby boy bash

it wasn’t much, but we wanted to surprise our sweet friends, Sharon and Joel {and Owen, of course!} with a small party to celebrate “the little mister” that is arriving shortly. i’m pretty sure she had other baby showers at the seminary and the church that they go to, so this wasn’t a ‘baby shower’ it was just a party with friends.

a party where bow ties were required. {lol}

surprise sharon

deats surprise for sharon

sporting bowtie

really, i just wanted an excuse to make everyone wear bow ties and to have a hot chocolate bar. i even almost put one on Sophie…

hot chocolate bar

the hot chocolate bar was a hit with all the kiddos! {who mysteriously did not get in any of my photos! too busy playing dress up and trucks in the other rooms! ha!}

the boys

sharon and joel

we are so excited for Sharon and Joel! i can’t wait to meet the little mister any day now!

the girls

so, the bow tie theme was a little weak… not going to lie. i just made little bow ties using this tutorial. and we had bow tie pasta as a side. whoo hoo! we also had bbq pork sandwiches. that goes with the bow ties, right? i mean, it’s super classy, right? LOL. what can i say, it was just a small dinner with friends, dear friends who let me inflict the requirement of bow ties on them. thankfully, i have Elissa to help me with the inflicting… and who let us take over her house. hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee


silly boys

and then there’s this photo... we told them to act manly. this is what they do. and i believe one of them asked, “what’s ‘manly’ mean?” HA HA.

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