a birthday prayer

i have a little list of birthday prayers today for my love. today Husbuddy is turning 28! this post is just a public celebration of my prayers for him. thanks for praying for him with me. 🙂

my sweet love, these things i pray for you.

  • i pray for you to be more healthy this year than last.  it’s been a tough one and i hope in my heart that you will be healthy and happy…. to be able to run and frolic with the other kids. haha. no seriously. may you find real God-given-health.
  • i pray for the adventures we’re going to have in your 28th year! new beginnings! new places to explore together! i love exploring with you! we always have so  much fun together and there are so many new places to go this year!
  • i pray for your heart– that you would know true peace in Christ this year. that He may be growing you and molding you constantly more into who He’s created you to be. peace is something that can’t be bought. it can’t be manufactured. it is only given as a gift. may you find Christ’s true peace and may you live in it this year.
  • i pray that i will be able to show you better love this year. i so love being your wife! but sometimes i’m not very good at showing you that. i want to though. please know that i want to be better at loving and respecting you.
  • i pray that God continues to call you. to call you BY NAME. and to call you to His purpose. may you see more and more of God’s calling on your life every day. and may you be up to it-never shrinking from the responsibility and the challenge.

happy birthday my love, my best friend, my Husbuddy!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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