a certain boy turned 30

i’d planned to surprise him on his big day. i’d planned to do it all year! he’d never had a surprise party before! heck, he hardly even ever had a party for his birthday before!

i floated ideas this summer with a few people.

i planned with sweet, helpful friends a month in advance.

everyone was excited to be in on the surprise.

no one spilled the beans.

he had NO idea.

then… 3 pm on the day of the surprise party{which was at 5:30} all chaos broke loose.

we were in the kitchen making dip for the party. he knew there was a party. he just thought it was a party for something else. he thought dip would be a nice thing to bring. haha. that’s how it all began. because then he wanted to taste the dip. so i went to the cupboard and pulled out a crumbly bag of chips. you know…the ones that are at the bottom of the bag. when the bag is still too full to throw away but all the chips are little pieces that are so annoying to pick out of the bag? yes, that is what we were discussing. the dip was good! so i started to cover it to stick in the fridge. he realized puppycakes needed to go outside. so he turned like a man on a mission.

all of a sudden, he was on the floor.

i thought he was being a little dramatic. i mean, seriously. what made him hit the floor?

well, turns out i have a little habit of leaving cupboard doors open. i CAN’T HELP it. i don’t even know i’m doing it. he always laughs at me when he gets home from work and the kitchen is a room full of open cupboards. i didn’t even notice. bawhaha.

little did i know that would be his downfall. my downfall. for the surprise.

when i had gotten the bag of chips out of the cupboard i’d left the door slightly ajar. he had turned with such force and ran STRAIGHT into it. it was only cracked open in such a way that it didn’t budge…a door, on hinges, stood rock solid at the angle that he ran into it.

and caused him to hit the floor.

when i realized it was serious i rushed over and his hand was on his head. covered in blood. WHAT. freak out. ok, i got control of my hysteria and grabbed a million paper towels. cleaned him up, sat him up after i checked his eyes (you know, that seemed like a good idea) and then put pressure on the cut.

then the baby woke up.

of course.

i called my mom while nursing to see how i should deal with the situation. because you know, even while i’m sitting there nursing my baby, i still need my momma too. ha. we decided since it stopped bleeding so quickly he was probably ok and just needed some butterfly bandaids to hold the cut closed. ok, no problem. finished with the baby, got her out the door and to cvs. we found what we were looking for, lost a baby shoe, had a nice lady chase us down in the parking lot and we were back home in a flash.

fixed him up.

he still didn’t feel well. he was dizzy. oh no. he wanted to skip the party. you know, the one i’d planned for a month but he thought was something else? no big deal if we didn’t show.

and that would be the moment i burst into tears.


realization hit him about as hard as the cupboard door.

haha. shoot. i made it months, everyone else kept their quiet, and i spill the beans the last hour before we leave.


anyway. all said and done i dragged him to his surprise party where he acted surprised and sat in the same chair all night because he was too dizzy to go anywhere.  i pretty much get the award for WORST WIFE EVER. beat him up on his birthday? check. make him go to his silly party when he’s not feeling well? check. make him sit in a chair trying to remember everyone’s names while i enjoy the party and get everyone to take silly pictures? check. give him meds so his headache doesn’t hurt quite as bad with all the people talking and children screaming? check.


i’m really just telling you all of this to make myself feel better. see? worst wife ever. poor boy. happy birthday! YOU will go to this party whether you like it or not. ha. see? hashtag:WWE

he made it through the night. he felt loved despite my torture. and then the next morning we went to urgent care because the headache wasn’t going away. he has a mild concussion.

WORST WIFE EVER. make your husband go to his 30th birthday party when he has a concussion? yikes.

anyway. here’s some photos from said event. (don’t mind the bandage right on top of his head) at least everyone else had fun, right hunny?

Happy Birthday song Happy Birthday

side note, we had a photo booth. most people made me promise that i wouldn’t post their photos. but… these dear people were my party helpers and really, are hardly recognizable so they’ll survive… i think. ha! yay for photobooths and embarrassing photos! PAige and Adam Tony and Gwenyth Kevin and Angie and M

holdermans in photobooth also, after this picture was taken, Sophia loved her boa and cat ears so much she didn’t want me to take them off… so i had to take this video:

Happy birthday to daddy! 🙂

A video posted by kimberly renee (@kimberlyreneeh) on

you’re welcome.

anyway…next time you see Husbuddy, wish him a happy 30th birthday again! {and let me know if he flinches}

xoxo-kimberly renee



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