a commissioned painting

close up art

well, i was BEYOND HONORED when a friend asked if i would paint something for their kid’s bedroom. it was so fun and since i’ve only just recently gotten out the paint brush again, i was happy to have something new to work on! she also didn’t have any requirements. usually it helps if there’s some direction- such as a verse you want, or if you want certain people in the painting… but i enjoyed having the freedom just to go for it.

close up art and brush

recently, i’ve been loving to create patchwork collages to start my paintings. i love that it reminds me of pieces of a quilt. they have meaning or history and then i paint over them. maybe the meaning and the history is lost to the general observer but it’s there when i create it and so it’s still there to me. i picked blue pieces of paper for the sky, green for the grass, and i used old books and old advertisements for the space between.

artwork beginning

then i started to paint.

artwork step2 artwork step3

then it was time to add texture. doileys, an old wine cork, some bubble wrap helped to add some fun designs to the background.

artwork step4

then i added my girl flying a kite. i debated adding a couple more kids but i wanted to keep it simple, remember?

i was in love. i almost didn’t want to give it away!

words lower left corner

then i added the verse. “let everything that has breath, praise the Lord” psalm 150:6

i pray that this verse inspires those kids to remember to praise the Lord in everything. even while on a windy hill flying a kite.


the pieces of paper give it a 3d feel too. which i love.

completed painting

the finished piece. it’s 14×16 so it’s nice and big to fill a sweet little wall. i hope they enjoy it!

and i hope that i keep painting! i’ve really enjoyed it recently as an outlet when i feel overwhelmed.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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