a couple bright spots… sweet finds!

A week ago, my favorite blogger, Pamela Holderman , gave me this sweet little award. Now it’s my turn to pass it along!

To me this award is one that is about the other blogs that bring sunshine into my day when it’s grey. They make me smile and laugh. In no way is this a complete list. But I just had to share who has earned this award from little ol’ me. Now YOU can enjoy their blogs too 🙂

Tasha -her art is adorable!

Kelly Rae -an inspiration! i love how real she is! and i love to see how she “made” it as an artist.

The Nester  -she makes me smile with all of interior design adventures. … did i mention i like to play a little in interiors as well as architecture? 🙂 she is always giving me ideas!

Simply Feather -a beautiful blog 🙂 and she lives in idaho!  i miss idaho! 🙂

Schematic Life – i love her renderings. SO beautiful. I was once taught how to do renderings like that and I wish mine were half as good!

Madeline Bea -her photography is AMAZING! and I loved taking a class from her!

New Every Morning -i love how real she is and her faith!

Pioneer Woman – I had to put her in there. She makes me laugh almost every time i read her blog 😉 but she doesn’t really need my press… ha. i just wanted to share the laughs. and recipes… yum!

The Fancy Farmgirl – she is so fun! her pictures are so vintage and beautiful.

And well… if you have any more need for inspiration go ahead and click on the links on the side. i haven’t figured out how to follow anyone so i put all my fav. links over there on the side! 🙂 enjoy!

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  1. Gretchen July 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    Ooh! I LOVE that song! Headed over to itunes to download it!
    (Thanks for your sweet encouragement on my blog today)

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