a day at the beach {sophia’s first time!}

beach day6

well, last weekend we took Sophia to the beach for the first time. we went to Rehoboth Beach with a picnic lunch. it was about a 3 hr drive both ways, so not ideal. man, we miss living right next to the beach like we did in Gloucester!

beach day5 beach day4

she was ok with the adventure at first…

beach day3 beach dunk

until daddy let her feel the sand and ocean…

beach dunk3

that face!

{it was husbuddy’s turn to torture our child in the sand like i did in the snow. he notes that at least he waited to torture her until she was older…}

beach day8

poor baby, it’s hard to tell but she did not calm down until i held her for a while.

beach babe2

once we were safe under the umbrella, the adventure was fun again. the paci helped too.

beach babe5

she says, i got this momma…as long as i’m on the towel and not too close to the water…

haha. well, she’s a cute beach babe

beach babe

next time babe. or maybe the time after that… you’ll love the beach. i promise, sweetheart.

any fun memories of taking your kids to the beach for the first time? did you torture them with a first touch of the ocean or were you better parents than that? hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to a day at the beach {sophia’s first time!}

  1. Dana July 28, 2014 at 9:34 pm #

    Adam hated the beach the first time we took him! But he had a change of mind at some point!

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