a few firsts

first artwork

since last week was Valentines Day, Sophia made her first art work. isn’t adorable? she made one for Daddy and both grandparents.


last week we also had her first night sleeping in her crib! she had been taking naps in it for a while but we moved her out of her bassinet in our room at night.

first night in bed

she looks so grown up in her crib. {i’m not going to lie, i actually started to cry the first night…she’s growing so fast!}

first night in bed2

each morning when i go in to get her up she just coos and smiles and poses for me {she’s really stretching, but i like to think she’s posing hee hee}

first night in bed3 cloth diapers

and we also started using her cloth diapers. she got big enough for the smallest size of the snaps. so. freaking. adorable.

first night in bed4

and since we are talking about firsts…here is a picture from her first bath {this picture is a few weeks old, don’t worry, we bathe our child regularly!}

first bath2

even though the picture suggests otherwise, she actually really enjoys baths and seems to like to sit in the warm water. the dog on the other hand freaks out when we are giving her a bath because he thinks we’re drowning her! he’s such a protective older brother. ha.

firsts are fun! …except that we just got back from the doctors office and she has her first cold. so sad!! poor baby girl!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to a few firsts

  1. Sharon February 20, 2014 at 7:54 pm #

    Thanks for sending me your blog info. I will really enjoy watching Sophia grow.

    PS Don’t think that other moms know any more about raising babies than you do–it’s really only the babies that know what’s up.

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