a few happenings around here

there’s been some big storms around here lately. enough to make the ocean show us how angry it was! this was in Rockport at a job site::
Photo Mar 09, 8 52 04 AM

there’s been some experimenting with my culinary skills. gluten-free-dairy-free-blueberry-scones anyone?? Photo Mar 09, 10 48 35 AM

freezing cold walks. we freeze while puppycakes has a blast: {maybe he’s been neglected with this cold weather?!}
Photo Mar 14, 5 44 21 PM


puppycakes seems to realize that i’m leaving. he’s been extra extra cuddly and sweet lately:


a quick trip last weekend. Husbuddy had an interview! it went wonderfully! we have never experienced such peace and a sense of God’s calling on our lives as we did this last weekend. amazing. Photo Mar 15, 12 00 32 PM

the trip took us to Lancaster. we saw our first HORSE AND BUGGY! (and then a lot more after that). i guess there’s a  first time for everything…including passing a buggy over the double yellow lines:  Photo Mar 15, 5 26 05 PM

we also saw some more of our beloved covered bridges: Photo Mar 16, 4 16 56 PM

and got to worship at this beautiful church with so many beautiful, amazing people. YOU GUYS! this is where Husbuddy has been hired to be a new assistant pastor! we are so excited for our soon-to-be-new-adventure! Photo Mar 17, 2 21 59 PM then we got back home and have gotten the reminder that even though it’s spring- really, in new england, it’s still winter. 🙂 it’s ok. my neighborhood is so cute covered in snow: Photo Mar 19, 8 52 48 AM

it’s been quiet on my blog recently. i don’t really know why i’ve felt so overwhelmed and busy with life that i’ve just set this aside!

well, ok, i do know. we’ve been busy with the interview process with the church in Pennsilvania, with work, with snow storms, with the ordination process for husbuddy…the list goes on.

but, now i’m off on another adventure!  i’m leaving for another country within 24 hours – for 2 weeks!! so i’m sorry friends, my blog will still be neglected as i don’t know what kind of internet service i’ll get over there.

but i promise…beautiful pictures from JAPAN (!!) will be coming soon.

xo- kimberly renee

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0 Responses to a few happenings around here

  1. Pam Holderman March 21, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    so happy and excited for you…it’s actually sleeting and snowing a little here right now too!! hope you see Totoro sitting in a tree while you are there.

  2. Cindy B. March 23, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

    Congratulations to JT!!! That is so exciting! Have a fabulous time on your trip Kim! Miss both of you guys lots 🙂

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