a few sweet things

apparently i haven’t turned on my computer in over a week! it’s been a good week though, and i’m already working on a few blog posts of what i’ve been up to. {there’s even a couple DIY projects, so look forward to that! yay!}  until then, i thought i’d share a few “sweet” things today.

“sweet” things or “sweet” finds are just special little things that i’ve found on the interwebs that i’d like to share with you.


this sweet girl who makes paper dresses: AMAZING! {and i now follow her instagram which makes me smile EVERYTIME.}

ps. she’s 4 years old. talk about a sense of design!


this blog post about feeling overwhelmed…and about a hebrew word: Radaph:  UM, can we say… over here! pick me pick me! **jumping up and down with hand raised** that would be why i didn’t turn on the computer all last week…


this baby girl rocking her st. paddy’s outfit from our Irish friends:

to see more random pics that i post, check out my instagram.

speaking of our Irish friends, our little Godson, Desmond Philip, was baptized yesterday! Praise Jesus! isn’t he adorable?! i’m so in love and can’t wait to meet him!!

We are proud parents.

{and his momma and i may be planning a wedding already…lol… husbuddy says no body, not even his Godson, is good enough for his baby girl… haha. i’m joking about the wedding…sort of. lol.  ALSO,  how amazingly beautiful is that momma of his? love them all!}

this over at Fieldstone Hill Design about:


Darlene is talking about how we can be bold in what we choose to wear or what we love to put in our house because we have a God, a MASTER DESIGNER if you will, that has made the boldest choices in His design of the universe! He made the beauty around us. He made us to have an eye for beautiful things. why limit that?!  i LOVE what Darlene says about being bold:

“So, if you love that pink chair, And if you LOVE that chunky necklace, then God gave you an eye to appreciate that bold and sculptural beauty. He is the BOLDEST Master Designer there is.”


then there’s this blog post about “passion following“: i just love The Nester.

we were all created with a passion. are you following yours?! i admit, some days are rough to figure out what that passion really IS. like today, we had a couple major wardrobe changes by noon. oh well.  BUT, i still see ways to live in thanksgiving and to live with passion, even over the little things!

enjoy the sweet finds my friends! happy Monday, y’all.

xoxo-kimberly renee


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  1. Karen March 18, 2014 at 6:52 am #

    Thank you for sharing! These sites will keep me busy for a while. I’m slowly coming “out of my shell” when it comes to my decorating/fashion….SLOWLY being the key word. When I do make a bold choice, it feels really good. I tend to get stuck in what I’m used to and stay in my comfort zone (of what I grew up with). I know what I like but I’m not quite sure what my style is…perhaps it’s a little eclectic?

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