a few things that are distracting me… {sweet finds!}

I’m totally distracted. I can’t focus on anything! Here’s a few reasons:

  • my little sister Ams: isn’t she cute? man… i miss her. she keeps texting me these heart wrenching notes of how she wishes we could do this or that thing together… ME TOO AMY! 🙂 if only we lived in the same state!

  • journaling… ART journaling. {journaling like this has been for some of my assignments for that art class I’m taking} Have you ever tried it? it’s fascinating. and so. much. fun. 🙂 it’s so fun to just relax and put random things together and to just “journal”… it’s totally freeing because it’s my journal! and no one will see it unless i let them… like i’m letting you:

    mixed media: collage/transfers/paint/water color/pencils

  • an AWESOME kitchen that’s so inspiring. THANK you Kelly Rae for sharing your beautiful home that you just renovated! i LOVE the light that is in this kitchen! i love the stools, the wood countertops, the simple, diy design. (totally different from what i’m used to seeing at work yet i love it!)

  • for mom’s everywhere…chalkboard maps… um. can we say so cool?! and from the same artist: a Gumball Lamp! LOVE IT! i want it for my birthday! (husbuddy… you picking up what i’m laying down? ha ) i know i’ve featured this artist here before… shopdirtsa is an adorable shop though! i can’t help it!

  • a cute picture from one of my favorite girls with my latest painting:

{via my sweet friend, Elizabeth! i love you guys!}


  • a beautiful room designed by one of my favorite designers…well, a husband(architect) and wife(interior designer) duo… and i’m totally inspired because this architect paints too!! 🙂 just like me! whoop! 🙂 his are amazing paintings of water, so awesome!
  • a picture of a cute little nursery that i helped to design!(in the broad sense of the word…we do live in these awful apartments, and most of it was the momma’s ideas, i just helped implement them!)  🙂 i’m so excited for the little guy who’s room this is… he was born this last weekend and he is completely adorable.

  • my new blog crush: young house love… basically because i’m so jealous that they have a house to fix up{i CAN’T WAIT to have a house of our own!!} and they’re really funny & entertaining. and i guess they’re pretty popular. phsh. whatever. i’m not a crowd follower… i promise. :-p

  • another blog crush: In the Name of Love: she is a very down to earth Christian writer who always has something profound to say. check her out. even today’s post is inspiring.

anyway… off to try to be productive. really. promise…well, maybe tomorrow.  xoxo-kimberly renee

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  1. Elizabeth February 11, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    That nursery is beautiful! Just think of how perfect your lucky baby’s room will be. 🙂

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