a flower girl for my baby sister


oh, yea, everyone knows that. and probably have all seen the photos so these aren’t really needed. but hey, just thought i’d share a few of the flower girl from the big day.

the day was a little crazy. first we had to decorate the venue at 0-dark hundred.

then we got our hair done and got ready: wedding prep sophie stealing headband little miss Sophia was enthralled with Aunt Mimi’s (Amy’s)hair and headband. i’m pretty sure she thought she was a real life princess the entire day. wedding flower girl checking herself and we all did lots of primping. flower girl included.

wedding -sisters ack! my baby sister! so grown up and beautiful!    wedding -me and flower girl

my baby is pretty grown up too. but was already exhausted…

flower girl down2

then we walked down the aisle.

wedding - flower girl walking

where she *blew* me away with how well she dropped leaves. i mean, in all the “practices” we did at home she just dumped the basket. but nope, that day, in front of everyone, she showed off that she knew what to do. LOL. wedding flower girl aisle

wedding - flower girl walking2 i LOVE this shot!

wedding - dad and amy wedding flower girl laying down then we proceeded to act like the 21 month old we are… and lie in the dirt. wedding - flower girl distracted  and then get up and play with sticks and leaves while daddy was talking…{he did the ceremony}    wedding - flower girl being distracting but since we’re just so darn cute, we got away with it.

wedding - cousins silly2 then more photos were taken. like this crazy one with all the cousins. lauffenburgers are a crazy silly bunch. and we love them.

wedding family photo2

hey! family photo! so fun! the little flower girl is laughing because she’s about to cause trouble be as cute as can be.

wedding - papa and sophia good thing Papa was there. Papa is her favorite person ever. well, before Aunt Mimi became a princess. {sorry Papa, i think you may have gotten moved to second place on her daily talking points} 

wedding -dancing is her fav she LOVED dancing. ALL NIGHT LONG. wedding cupcake mother daughter but cupcakes were a favorite too, not to fear. {doh. how embarrassing!} wedding - with gparents

and going through GiGi’s purse was pretty entertaining too.Great Grandma enjoyed it too i think.

wedding- sisters it was a beautiful day, perfect weather, perfectly perfect.  a gorgeous celebration of a new adventure for My sweet Miss A. we’re all so excited for you.

wedding - 4 girls

{in no way is this an exhaustive pile of photos from the wedding… i’m trying not to overdo it. just some favorites. note: some photos taken by my uncle and cousins.}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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