a Hug for you- just in time for Easter!

Just a note dearest readers:

I have a little early Easter gift  for you 🙂  …

Don’t you just want to send a picture of a hug or smile or happy thought to someone loved? What about your daughter who is far away in college for her first Easter away from home? What about your sister who lives so far away and you just want to her to know how loved she is on this most special day? Send love people. 🙂

Easter is a celebration of the love that God has for us that He died on the Cross and then was glorified by being Risen from the grave three days later! HE was glorified. We are so loved by HIM that HE did this for us! Share the love! 🙂

 there’s a little EASTER sale on my etsy site going on… i’m giving away free shipping for every notecard you could ever want! how sweet is that? It’s my gift to you 🙂


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