a little adventure

drive to lake george2

last weekend we went for a little adventure.

drive to lake george

we went exploring in upstate New York.

when we were dating and first married we used to go exploring new places all the time! it was fun to have that opportunity last weekend because Husbuddy had a presbytery meeting there. it was about a 6 hour drive. we went a day early because we weren’t sure how little miss would do. {we wanted to test out road tripping with her before we tried something longer this summer!}

lake george2

we were impressed by Lake George.

lake george3

we could tell it is a toursity place in the summer, but since we came in off season it was quite nice! it reminded us *a little* of Sandpoint or Coeur d’alene in Idaho. oh man we miss those lakes! i’m not sure if seeing this lake made us miss it more!

lake george4    dinner at lake george

we found a little local brewery for dinner. the little miss couldn’t really stand all the sitting.

lake george

lake george6

we went exploring until the sun set across the lake. it was a magical evening. “mountains gandalf! i want to see mountains again!” {now if only these were the foothills with big mountains behind them… but they’re still pretty!}

hanging out at pres2

then we sat in this church for the next two days for a meeting…

or shall i say, Husbuddy sat in the meeting…we kept getting up and down and in and out… i don’t think we’ll be going to very many of these…

hanging out at pres

but my little girl did enjoy the architecture!


driving home from pres

and she was so worn out that she slept most of the way home. she was a champ. even if we were a little bit crazy for taking her on this adventure… it was SO good for our hearts to go exploring! we are adventurous souls and it really makes us happy to see God’s creation.

what about you? do you like to go on little adventures to see different parts of God’s world? would YOU take an almost 4 month old on a 6 hour trip and 3 day adventure or do you think we are crazy?! ha. i would agree with you if you say we’re a little bit crazy.

xoxo-kimberly renee




One Response to a little adventure

  1. Teresa May 3, 2014 at 1:08 am #

    I think it is terrific that you can, and did, involve her in the things that give you two a zest for life. Even if it took some extra courage, planning and patience this time 🙂

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