a little bit of design… a question for you!

ok… so these are just sketches… don’t judge too harshly here. :-p

 But here’s the dilemma.

On one of my projects we are trying to decide which would be better: the shed roof or the half circle dormer type clear-story windows.  I personally think the shed roof upper windows would allow in more daylight and it has more of an open feeling. But someone else really likes the idea of the half circle cute little windows…

So we’re looking up at the window above the kitchen sink. Do you see it? Other then that the two sketches should be really close to the same.

Which one do YOU like better?

notice half circle dormer window


notice shed roof type dormer

 and please don’t pay attention to the fact that the bottom picture is a little crooked. I’m still working on my scanner abilities here… forgive me for being a slow learner…


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