a little family vacation

last week we were blessed with a gift of a cabin on a lake in the poconos for a couple days. it was lovely to have a little family vacation before the summer church schedule kicks up a notch. we had lots of rain, but there was also a mostly clear day that we were able to do a bit of exploring. mt pocono3

the cabin is right next to a little beach area. Sophia loved splashing in the lake and ADORED all the ducks and the swan that came to visit. mt pocono we took Sophia on her first canoe ride. she loved it once we got in the boat! it was getting ready that made her nervous.   mt pocono2 she was super excited to be in the life jacket… haha. {actually it was the fact that i made her turn around and face daddy instead of the swan.} mt pocono5  our little adventurous family. i was so proud of her. she did fantastic out there on the lake! and well, you know Sammie loves a good ride on the lake… {haha that post is here} mt pocono4

she loved it i promise! mt pocono pda other things we did included a little PDA in a local brewery, mt pocono games  and we played lots of games during naps and after baby bedtime.

such a blessing to have this time together! right now Husbuddy is down in Florida at general assembly. i’m SO missing this.

have any of you ever been to the Poconos?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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