a morning hike

hiking is so encouraging for the soul. there’s something about being some place remote(at least semi) and seeing nature and being reminded of the beauty of the world around our busy little lives.

there were birds chirping and creeks bubbling and the river roaring. it was a lovely morning.

puppycakes LOVES hiking {remember him hiking up this mountain in NH?} so he was sooooo happy the entire time. at the end, the only way we could tell he was pooped was because he laid down in the mud next to the creek with a big ol’ grin on his face.

this is the Susquehanna River:




it was just a gorgeous hike!

and the morning was complete with Husbuddy sticking his feet in the creek. what can i say, i’m a chicken when it comes to cold water, so i just watched from side.
2013-06-15 11.46.27-2

we are so excited to find more places to hike around here! 🙂

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