a new journal

husbuddy has a new journal.

you know how exciting it is to get a new journal or sketchbook? a clean, fresh book with all those blank pages? usually i would never want anyone else to touch my brand new blank book. i’d want to keep it clean and pretty as long as possible.

but husbuddy asked me to write a pretty title on the first page.

i was a little more than a little nervous that i was going to mess it up.

then he asked me to cover the outside and make it look cool and unique.

i wasn’t really sure where to go with that.

see… he’s a little particular…

{honey, if you are reading this, i mean that is the sweetest way. you just know what you like and i didn’t want to mess it up! hee hee}

i’ve been working on some etsy orders so he had the brilliant idea to cover it with bible pages like my red letter words canvas.

he’s genius!

then he asks if i have a very special, certain verse available.

and lucky for him, the page is still there. 🙂

well, not anymore.

then i added a little red because it just makes the special verse stand out.

now i’m just hoping that he loves it and uses it as much as he says he will 😉

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