a busy little bee

you should know…

i’m a busy little bee over here. 🙂

a couple new paintings are started:

& i may have made a pretty little wreath last week:

isn’t it so much fun?! I know i’ve talked about it before… but go check  out the tutorial here.

 if you look closely you may be able to tell what book i tore up…

um. don’t judge. it was only an old bible i got at a library book sale for only a dollar! and it wouldn’t have been really used anymore right? anyway, there wasn’t anyway i ran out of pages with this book 😉 in fact i have plenty to make more wreathes! yay!

so on top of all that,  we also having been enjoying the fall sunshine over here 🙂

doesn’t the puppy just look so happy? life is good. hope you’re all enjoying the fall sunshine as well!  xoxo

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