a new park

we explored a new park yesterday! Ravenswood park on the other side of Gloucester was pretty fun. how in the world we haven’t found this little gem before this weekend is beyond me. one of the paths that we walked along was called “Old Salem Road”. it was cool to imagine that we were walking along an old road that horse and wagons used to ride along.

here are some images from our Sunday adventure:

puppycakes was so happy. and husbuddy was too!

puppycakes loves running from one of his persons to the other. so cute.

why is moss so pretty? and fungus on the trees?

the trees were so awesome.  

if only we had found this place a couple of weeks ago when the leaves were more radiant!


puppycakes loved looking closely at the leaves too. hilarious.

today is supposed to get into the 60s. if only i could play hooky and go for a walk again today!! oh i loved getting out in nature so much, it’s so good for the soul.

xo-kimberly renee

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