a new sweet find:

so… i’ve decided that it would do us all some good if we shared some of our favorites and cool finds and sweet websites. 

It is another goal of mine to share some of my favs with you about once a week. You know, share some of the knowledge, share some favorites, spread the news of a cool new place to waste your time visiting, that’s what blogs are for right?

Today I wanted to share a couple of my fav etsy shops at the moment.

The Mayberry Sparrow is my newest find! She makes her own stamps! How cool is that? I remember learning how to do that in high school art, but mine were never very good. These are AMAZING!  Kudos to you Corrablle!  I’d like the sewing machine stamp or strawberry stamp for my birthday please… 🙂 hee hee.

The Old Post Road is also one of my new favs. 🙂 Check out her art! It is very honest and real  art that you can tell comes from her heart… i love that… and I LOVE how she incorporates bible verses in her art. Bravo my new friend!

And, last one… I promise… Elephannie  would be a perfect place to go if you had a little apartment and couldn’t paint and wanted to make the walls more…(hmm… sounds like my place… )  interesting… 🙂 OR! if you just had a baby and wanted to decorate the nursery… Just an idea… hint hint Andrea, Courtney, Janelle and all those people who are having babies like up the wazzu

Feel free to share some of your favorites. It’s so fun to see what you find too! Come on people…I don’t want to be the only one to find stuff… 😉 ha.


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