a nice day for a walk

I love going for a nice walk on a beautiful day!
we tried to do that yesterday. it ended short because there was little girl who kept holding her breath {and freaking out} whenever a gust of wind came by… and it was a windy day. so we turned around after a block to just sit on our steps next to the daffodils and watch the buggies go by.

i can laugh at how scary it is when a little bit of wind causes my sweet daughter to hold her breath and freak out. I can try to tell her just to keep breathing and relax, she’ll get used to the wind and she really will enjoy the fresh air and the walk! for some reason she doesn’t believe me yet… Haha.
but it also makes me think… how often do I freak out when little gusts of wind in life take my breath away? i believe that God has it all under control but i don’t really trust HIM so I hold my breath (basically I just try to deal with the circumstance by myself). we laugh at a little baby holding her breath because the wind is scary or different … but don’t we do the exact same thing?

we are all God’s children and He will walk with us on the beautiful days as well as the windy, rainy, or ugly days.


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  1. Sherri Brown April 9, 2014 at 12:22 pm #

    This is so true. I don’t know how many times I would say (usually with great frustration) “I’ve told you this a million times” – “please trust me” – “can you just be happy with what we’ve given you” only to pause and realize that that must be what our Father in heaven is trying to tell us. We are such babies. On the flip side, I still love my children with my whole heart – if I love them this much, how much more must God love us. Have a happy day with your beautiful little one.

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