a picture a day for lent

it’s been a while. AGAIN. i have just about fallen off the face of the online world. not because i don’t want to be here, but because i feel like i’ve lost my voice and momentum a bit. i’m hoping that just starting, just doing, will get me going again.

so, today, i’m here with my yearly post about lent. about a week late. ha.

i’ve decided to continue with my photo a day project for lent again this year. (you can read the explanation from last year here) So, for the next forty days up until Easter (minus sundays) i will again be attempting to take a photo a day. with my camera–> not just my phone! {clarification to check my lazyness lol}

 And really, the goal is: to get my camera out and notice God’s giftsevery.single.day. 

i just want to NOTICE GOODNESS.

have my EYES open and try to SEE what God has placed before me for today.

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8

why do this for Lent? because lent is a time of preparing our hearts for Easter.  it is usually a time of fasting or giving something up. but the point of giving something up is to notice more of Jesus. to see Him work. if you just give up sweets to go on a diet because it’s the “religious” thing to do, you’re crazy and you’re a pharasee. ha. we can talk about that later if you want. but if your heart is truly in the right place, when you fast, you can focus on the Lord. well, i’m here taking pictures instead of fasting, trying to see what God has placed in front of me every single day. To taste Him and see Him.

in my laziness i’ve delayed writing this post because i couldn’t decide if i really wanted to actually get going and do it. but here it is. my beginning. although late, at least i’m starting! HA. just being honest!

Care to join me? care to be late like me? Maybe you can make it a goal to notice the good around you too! i’d love it if you’d let me know if you’re going to be noticing goodness these next forty days (or so) too!

day1 day2 day3

day4 day 5

  • day 1- new color on the walls!
  • day 2- that sweet grin
  • day 3- coloring valentines in our pjs
  • day 4- making rice krispee treats fancy on a diy cake stand.
  • day 5- flowers from my sweetheart.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to a picture a day for lent

  1. Teresa February 16, 2016 at 11:24 pm #

    So happy to see you doing this again for Lent! Love the beauty you see AND SHARE with all of us. Way to shine 🙂

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