a random piece of my heart…”Only Hope I’ve Got”


RMNP path2  i’ve been listening to this song: “Only Hope I’ve Got” by Elle Holcomb on repeat the last few months. {ever since i went to her concert  for mother’s day} i just can’t get over this song!  go ahead, click on the link and listen to it. or you can read the lyrics at the end of the post.

anyway, the song has really resonated with me because it reminds me over and over, that ALL i have is a gift. Even my HOPE.  sometimes, i think {like most people maybe?}, i look at the things in my life; i look at my family, at my job, at my house and car  and things, and think they are mine.

like a little toddler, i claim them as my my own.

and yet, sometimes those things can be taken away. sometimes they are only ours for a short while. sometimes those things actually control us somehow. sometimes those things  aren’t really mine to begin with.

sometimes, it’s not about the THINGS anyway, is it?

RMNP creek

i really like the chorus, because i feel like it has to be my prayer every day.  it goes:  ” I don’t wanna to  tell some arrogant story, or let myself believe i’m you! I don’t wanna be a thief who’s stealing Your glory… will you help remind me of what is true? The ONLY hope I’ve got, it’s You…

and actually, i thought the first line was “i don’t wanna tell some American story…” until i looked it up just now. HA whoops. but anyway, american or arrogant, i’m not sure it’s that different. either way, i don’t want my story to be about me and what i can get out of life.  i want to be reminded that I am NOT God. when i thought of it as “american” i thought of the “american dream” and really, there’s not that much fulfilling in that lie(to have the perfect job, get the house with a picket fence in suburbs, and have lots of money) anyway. that’s not the point of life,  right?

and i think every day there is a fight going on in our souls. a fight for “who” gets the glory. who is Lord, who is in charge, who is number 1.

every, single, darn day we have to give up that fight. let go of control. i don’t want to be a thief stealing from God! because wowa! that image is scary! it HAS to be about God. He HAS to be the one getting ALL the glory.

RMNP leaves

and then, the last verse hits me and almost makes me cry, “well it’s only by Your grace…that I heard You whisper my name…” um, yea, i can’t even claim my faith! it’s only by His grace that i heard a whisper! have y’all ever even THOUGHT about that before?

“i don’t have the power to save- to change a heart, Could you come and change my heart.”  i can’t change my own heart. HOW humbling is that? because really, if i try to change my own heart, i’m trying to save myself. and nope, that doesn’t work. everything i have, my ONLY HOPE, is the Lord.

everything GOOD is His alone.

i am nothing. He is EVERYTHING.

can i get an amen out there?

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Only Hope I’ve Got Elle Holcomb

I take all the gifts that You have given and I stake my claim like they’re my own,
Will You help me when I forget to remember, the good I’ve got is yours alone.

Oh ’cause I don’t wanna tell some arrogant story
Or let myself believe I’m you!
I don’t wanna be a thief who’s stealing Your glory…
Will You help remind me of what is true? The ONLY hope I’ve got, it’s You,You.
It’s You,You.

Or do I think I have anything to offer, when You have overcome the world?
Couldn’t take Your place, ’cause You’re the Author of the greatest love this world has known.


Well it’s only by Your grace…
That I heard You whisper my name,
I don’t have the power to save – to change a heart,
Could You come and change my heart.


xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to a random piece of my heart…”Only Hope I’ve Got”

  1. Susan Houck October 27, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

    Oh, so hard to remember! We live in a time and place where we have been blessed with so much stuff. Plenty of food and water, lots of material things, medical knowlege that allows us to survive longer. This instills a false sense of security in us, which in turn leads us to believe we are in control.

    So painful to be reminded we are not in control, yet so blessed to be in “that” place. Never do we feel so dependant on God – exactly where he wants us to be – than when we are hurting.

    Thank you for sharing and I will listen to the song. Love you and your family and may God hold you all close at this time.

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