a really cool lighting resource

So, I’m researching some lighting for a client’s kitchen and sunroom. I’ve already known about this lighting company, but it’s so cool that I just wanted to share this “sweet find”!

Have you ever wondered where to find cool, historic lighting?

I know we’ve all wondered that at sometime(sarcasm of course).

Well, I know there are a lot of companies like this, but this is a good first stop! They even have a “design ideas” section to get you started.

Check out these awesome light fixtures!

Plain with Personality

Classic Kitchen

Grand Central Bakery

George w/Cobalt Painted Metal Shade

Fords Mill

Jackson Park

All images courtesy of Rejuvenation

How cool is this one?

My only critique as I’m looking for something for my client’s kitchen is that I could use something a little bigger 🙂 But that isn’t normally the issue, is it?

What about you, do you have any lighting resources that just make you drool? 🙂 {am i’m the only one with weird obsessions like lights?}

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