a revised painting

this is an old painting from back in 2011. you can see the original blog post here.

i loved the details of the background and the lady’s face and the verse. the other parts, i didn’t love.

in fact, i was kind of embarrassed about the other parts. and i realized… why should i hide one of my paintings away in a box if  i didn’t like part of it? especially if i REALLY liked another part. i’m the artist. why can’t i fix this?! ha. maybe some of you could have come up with that conclusion WAY sooner than 3 years later. but it took me that long to give myself permission to paint over the parts i wasn’t in love with.

revised artwork first step

so first i said good bye to that orange dressed girl. i liked her. she was good to me and i liked her looking over her shoulder and the detail… but sometimes, friends must part. and i was going for simplicity. my life needs more simplicity in it. let’s be honest.

revised artwork

then husbuddy suggested just getting rid of the bird too. i fought that in my head for a little while. i wanted the bird sitting on her hair from the very beginning! but… simplicity kept telling me to just simplify. i’ll like it better if i simplify.

and i DO like it better. gallery wall

so much so, it’s not in a box in my closet any more. it’s hanging on the gallery wall in the living room.  gallery wall closer

sometimes, even the artist has to give herself permission to let go.

i love having this verse hanging up in my home. it is one of my ABSOLUTE favs. 

xoxo-kimberly renee

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