a sculpture adventure in Philly

a friend and i went to visit The Estes yesterday.

Owen is STILL at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They have been there since the middle of February. Needless to say, they are frustrated and impatient to get home with a healthy little guy! It is a blessing to live so close to an awesome Children’s Hospital, and we are so thankful that there is such an amazing staff to care for him. But it’s hard for them and most likely lonely to be away from home for so long, so we went down for a visit.

You may think it’s some noble act to take time to go visit them, but really it was a very selfish visit on my part because I crave that time with my sweet friend! 😉 I miss her!

Instead of sitting in the hospital, and to create some laughter, the three girls went for a camera walk.

you don’t know what a “camera walk” is? Well, let us show you.

we were on a sideways mission towards getting lunch… but stopped at all the sculptures to take pictures. they had to be silly pictures, mind you.

and we had to be on or in the artwork.

since there were three of us, most of the time we could only take a picture of  just two of us being silly. {note: the one above in the “button” was supposed to be our best ground-hog pose.}

if we could talk someone into helping us, we got one with all three of us.

j’adore this one of the three of us!  the girl who took the picture was totally annoyed with us for asking her, but seriously, she could have said no… 😉 still, we appreciate the beautiful picture she took!!

we LOVEd this sculpture, if you couldn’t guess.

there were also couple of Ben Franklin’s sitting around.

We decided this Ben needed a couple girls in his lap:

this is getting embarrassing… {at this point, Joel had joined us… so we weren’t doing this for a stranger- i promise!}

Husbuddy was confused about what we were doing in the one above- apparently our “kissy” faces don’t really look like we think they do.

It was a fun, silly time  that hopefully provided our friends with a sweet little hour outside in the sunshine laughing.

we love you three!! get better sweet little Owen and come home soon!

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  1. Pam Holderman April 30, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    Awesome photo shoot! Very clever.

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