a secret surprise… ok not really.

hey there! i have a secret to share  with you.

well. it’s not really a secret because if you’re observant you would have noticed it on the sidebar on my blog. but i haven’t talked about it yet.

so, guess what?

i started a Society6 shopChristmas Angel Framed Art Print

what is Society6 you ask? well, it’s basically this really neat website where i can load up my artwork and you can purchase it as prints and canvases and throw pillows and tote bags straight from them. they make it and mail it out to you!


isn’t that neat?

i was going to wait to tell you about it until i had some more art work up there. then i was going to order some myself and try it out… but THEN, you guys, the website is having this promo sale where you can get $5 off ANYTHING  from now until November 8! not only that, but free shipping too!!!  what what what?!

i just had to share it with you!

As for me and my house Stationery Card

my only regret is i didn’t get my act together and get a few more renderings(which is what i am working on) up there. i have dreams to make a Christmas door one. but…time has slipped away from me. i’ll try to get it up soon when  if i do, i’ll let ya know. Christmas Hymn Angel Throw Pillow

i know you all want a throw pillows with angels on it.

bawhahah. ok i get it. it’s a little silly. you don’t really want one. haha. but it’s funny just the same.

or a tote bag with a cute little red door from Gloucester on it? yes. yes, i know. you really need that in your life. bawahah. ok ok. maybe not.

no really, mostly i think the extra “stuff” you can put art on is just silly.  LEGGINGS? what? no i did NOT put my art on leggings. but the idea is hilarious.

but how cool is it you can framed prints? and canvases? and stationary?

anyway, if anyone wanted those angel prints for christmas…now is the time to order them. hint hint.

Click HERE for free shipping AND 5$ off any purchase between now and November 8th.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to a secret surprise… ok not really.

  1. Becca November 2, 2015 at 4:44 pm #

    This is really cool. I’m tempted by those tote bags…

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