a shirt update

once upon a time, a clutz was born.


this clutz buys pretty shirts and then…without a doubt… spills, splatters, or drops something on the pretty shirt and stains it. this particular story includes a shirt that somehow got bleach splatters on it.

how you ask?

the clutz pleads the fifth and refrains from commenting.

see that stain on there?

original shirt

the lighting is bad in this photo.

i mean right there:

original shirt-edited

and a couple other places that we don’t need to point out..


so needless to say, this shirt hasn’t been worn since the clutz saw that spot because it’s points out what a clutz she really is.


so anyway, one day this clutz had an idea:


cover up  that spot… and others… with a little ruffled lace! all she had to do was cute a little lacy fabric in a straight(ish) line, ruffle the edges and sew it on! easy peasy.

it was an experiment, and I’m not at all sure I love it… but here’s the final result:

finished shirt

and yes. apparently when trying to take her own picture, this clutz likes to throw her hip out awkwardly to one side. but other than that, this shirt is kind of fun! and now it can be worn again.  it may have been a better idea to do a couple smaller ruffles instead of one fat one… but oh well. this shirt will at least be worn now!



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