a sketch for tuesday {#1}

so, one of my goals for the year is to paint and draw more.

{yes, I realize that I just posted about my MAIN goal: contentment. so I’m keeping that in mind while I work out some of my other goals :)}

I miss drawing. I don’t do it nearly enough!

when I was little I played the flute. I LOVED to play the flute. but to be able to play in front of people without embarrassing myself, (which happened plenty of times, let me tell you) I had to practice.

a lot.

I was supposed to practice every day.

I was lucky if it happened 4 or 5 times a week… but I definitely noticed a difference when I practiced. 

and if I noticed, you can bet my teachers noticed. and so did my mother. HA!

well, the other day,  I realized that I haven’t been “practicing” my drawing at all recently. so, as part of this goal, I’m going to sketch every week. and post it here. on tuesdays.

a sketch for tuesday

even when the sketch isn’t perfect.

a sketch is just that. A SKETCH.

it’s not supposed to be perfect! it’s just supposed to be practice! so I’m giving myself permission to post an imperfect sketch here. every tuesday.

practice makes perfect, people!

xoxo-kimberly renee

p.s.thanks for not judging too harshly… I’m practicing. 😉

p.s.s. here’s to 50 more sketches this year! {because yes, being the always-running-late-silly-girl that I am… I missed last tuesday…doh!}


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