a sketch for tuesday {#2}

what is it I love about Paper Whites?


they’re so pretty!  they’re so fresh looking. they’re so clean and simple. and they grow in anything! and you see the roots while they grow!

they’re so cool!

…but why do they smell so bad?

I mean really? they are sooooo pretty and I love growing them in cute little bowls on my kitchen counter  but  it’s kind of a deal breaker with how bad they smell…

so, just so you know… these aren’t MY Paper Whites. {and, nope, that’s not my kitchen window either}

paperwhite sketch

so for my tuesday sketch, I took a picture with my phone… so I just had to smell it just for a sec.

the picture above is just with the pencil. {my favorite marks all pencil}

the picture below has a little bit of water added.

paperwhites in a windowsketch

I love how the water adds more contrast 🙂

oh pretty,smelly paper whites… you make me smile.

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