a *sweet* find…or 2!

hi friends!  i have a couple things to share with you that have caught my eye this fine day. 🙂 first of all…i LOVE the 75 degree weather today, don’t you?!

makes me think of babies…

don’t ask.

so, first *sweet find* ::

i have a dear dear friend from years ago who started a blog recently so i can keep up with her life. i know that she started it just for me 🙂  seriuosly. don’t you believe me? hee hee. ok… i kid i kid. check it out here.

i can NOT believe it’s been so long since our coffee dates, Rach!

anyway,  Rachel has set up an adorable Etsy Shop. Kovanda Kreations has adorable flower clips and head bands for sweet girls, both young and old! i can think of a few little girls in my life who NEED these!  ha! Go check out her shop!! She has just opened it and could use some sweet love & support from all of you!

Beautiful custom headbands with detachable flowers & FREE SHIPPING

{image via KovandaKreations}

in other news: i found this blog while planning another sweet friend’s baby shower.

O MY GOODNESS gracious, adorable, beautifulness…

need some inspiration? or just want to gawk at a pretty baby shower party site? Man, I wish our shower this upcoming Saturday could be this pretty! don’t worry Jenna, we’re working on it… 😉

Go HERE to visit BumpSmitten

{image via Bump Smitten blog}

told ya i was thinking of babies. :-p must be all this baby shower planning!!

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