a sweet find: what is missing?

A few weeks ago, we attended a lecture given by Maya Lin at Princeton University. (one of the perks of living in a university town) She is the architect who has did the Vietnam memorial and has done quite a few other memorials. Her work is beautiful. Talk about an artist who was just in the right place at the right time- did you know she was still in grad school when her class designed memorials and she entered hers in the Vietnam Memorial design contest! How’s that for lucky? But seriously, her work is beautiful.

She went on during the lecture to explain how she’s started an “online memorial” of sorts. It’s called the “What is Missing? Foundation”  The online memorial is a website that pays tribute to all the recorded extinct species around the world. There’s a giant map that has little “memories” or points around the world you can click on and read about what is extinct there. You can also “view in time” and see when species became extinct. There are videos and images and sound tracks.
  This website is totally fascinating. As well as totally sad.

Go check it out! http://whatismissing.net/

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