a visit from friends

we were so blessed to have dear, dear friends come and visit last weekend. they have been on a huge road trip to visit family and friends. we felt so lucky that they chose to spend a couple of days with us!! 🙂

we spent lots of time talking, laughing, playing games, making dinner together, & showing off  jersey.

on Saturday we went to the shore. we all got a little bit sunburned… 

but it was a glorious day for hanging on the beach and playing in the waves.

we spent plenty of time just laying in the sand. well, the girls did at least.

the boys always had be doing something… so there was some catch as well as plenty of time in the waves.

did i mention it was a beautiful day?

then after church on sunday we took them to Bucks County. Which is just a gorgeous area next to the Delaware River.

we had to get a picture here, it was their first covered bridge.

i’m so thankful for her. she was my college roommate. destined by God. {i’m not even joking-i know HE had a hand in our meeting and friendship!} we met at orientation, the spring before we were going to start our freshmen year at U of I. We both were pretty certain that we weren’t going to end up there. but then we did! and then we were roommates and best friends! i just love that we are the kind of friends who can be separated by miles and go years without seeing each other {i think the last time i saw her was when i wrote this post}  but then, when we do see each other or talk on the phone, we pick up right where we left off and are as close as ever. i just LOVE her.

thanks SO much for visiting you guys!! until we meet again, you’re in my heart and prayers.

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